Market Analysis

Noell Consulting Group begins each engagement by understanding the audiences fueling demand for real estate, assessing the competitive landscape and choices open to the potential audiences. We then position our clients’ projects to maximize opportunities—including those that may not yet exist in the marketplace. 
Incorporating primary and secondary research, Noell Consulting Group performs market analyses informed by nearly 20 years of experience. 


Among the key questions we answer in our market analysis are the following:

  • Who are the audiences fueling demand for products in the market?
  • Which market audiences represent the biggest opportunities? 
  • How will these audiences utilize the project and how can project appeal be maximized 
  • How deep are these audiences and how does that depth translate into supportable units or square feet of space?
  • What absorption rates are possible? Achievable?
  • How should the project and land uses therein be positioned relative to the competition?
  • What is the most appropriate allocation of land uses, product types, acres or units to maximize the likelihood of success?
  • Who is the competition? How do we achieve competitive advantage?
  • What is the highest and best use for a property or area?
  • What are the short- and long-term opportunities for development or redevelopment?
  • Who else has undertaken similar endeavors? What were the results? What steps led to their success or failure?
  • What development program maximizes the likelihood of success?
  • How much depth exists in the short-, medium- and long-term for commercial and residential land uses in defined areas?
  • How can the market be influenced to enhance support for growth and development in targeted areas?